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Crafted with experience & pride

7 generations

We are dedicated artisans using traditional methods
Our olives are hand picked from inherited olive trees
Our family trees are tirelessly maintained for good health throughout the year

We are proud to grow and produce our fresh BEUATI Olive Oil using traditional family methods so you can experience the taste and health benefits that high quality olive oil offers.

BEUATI Olive Oil is made with 100% Albanian grown olives from the district of Berat, harvested from our inherited olive trees. We control the process from root to the fruit. We grow the olives and package the oil with our name – and guarantee you will be satisfied!


Our ancestors understood that as olive trees aged, they produced richer olives – as long as the trees were properly maintained for good health. They developed methods to ensure the longevity of our family trees.

We now honor our ancestors by our dedicated efforts to care of our seventh-generation trees year-round. In late winter each year, the Anemone hortensis begins to bloom in the olive grove. This is when we begin to prune and plow to maintain healthy trees for the next season.

Hectonichus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

We also continue the harvesting traditions of our ancestors. BEUATI olives are hand-picked at their peak ripeness each fall to ensure we only use the best quality olives. While some olive oil producers use machinery for harvesting that can damage the olives and press olives multiple times at high heats to yield more oil, our focus is on higher quality oil with more nutrient content.

BEUATI olives are first cold pressed below 25°C and stored below 15°C in dark room to filter naturally while preserving nutrients that could be lost by high heat and light.

BEUATI Olive Oil is classified as 'extra virgin' ONLY by analysis results obtained by approved EU laboratories. You can see the results listed on the label.



We are driven by our love for good food. High quality olive oil offers an aroma and taste that we are proud to share with you. Our dedication to our craft comes from the knowledge that first cold pressed olive oil is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and other nutrients that provide health benefits – in addition to adding flavor to food.

Please enjoy our BEUATI Olive Oil.

Experience the purity and earthy flavor – perfect for sauces, dressings and dips.